lundi 9 février 2015

Letter from Padre Pio to Raffaelina Cerase

Divers contretemps nous ayant fait prendre du retard pour notre étude en préparation, nous publierons de temps en temps un texte spirituel en attendant.

From the book : Letters II
Editions Padre Pio da Pietrelcina
Our Lady of Grace Friary
71013 San Giovanni Rotondo (FG) Italy

p. 295 - 296, letter 42:

Pietrelcina, 22 December 1914

Renewed Christmas greetings. The beautiful virtue of charity. Requests.


Little bride of Jesus,

  May the grace and peace of the heavenly Father be with you always and make you more holy.
  Here I am once more with greetings for the feasts of the holy Child along with your entire most precious family. May the Lord and the most holy Virgin make you ever more worthy of eternal glory. With this faith and this desire I want you all to be very happy during the feastdays of the most holy Nativity of the Child Jesus and I earnestly hope you may repeat this celebration during the longest possible life, growing all the time in charity, which is the queen and the mother of all the virtues. 
  Oh, how sublime is the beautiful virtue of charity which the son of God has brought us! All must have it at heart, but more so still those who aim at holiness. Without any merit on your part, the Lord has called you; and even though I see you far advanced on the way of charity, I never cease to insist that you continue to advance along this path.
  The Child Jesus is offering you a new chance to practise this virtue. Do you know who it is that I mean to mention to you? It is that poor child, the seamstress who has lost her mother and to whom you will be so kind as to forward the enclosed envelope (1). I am well aware of the affection you have shown her already and I want to tell you how very pleased I am on this account. May Jesus reward you abundantly. Continue to show her charity so that she may feel as little as possible the loss of her mother. I want you to take on the noble task of counsellor and mother to her, a twofold office that I trust you will fulfil well and very scrupulously. Let me tell you that you  have to deal with a simple soul, a good soul who is very dear to the divine Master. You must be, in a word, her protecting angel.
  This is sufficient about the matter for the present. More about it at a more suitable time.
   All my love to every one of you in Christ Jesus.

Fra Pio (2).

(1) He is refferring to Annita, of Foggia.
(2) For lack of space, his signature has been written at the top right-hand corner of the first sheet.