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Padre Pio's greetings - Voeux de nouvelle année avec Padre Pio

En lisant un livre contenant des lettres de direction spirituelle de Padre Pio, nous sommes tombés sur une lettre de vœux du saint à l'une de ses filles spirituelles. Nous avons eu alors l'idée d'en faire profiter nos lecteurs, pour cette nouvelle année. Nous avons scanné également deux autres lettres de Padre Pio, prises au hasard dans le livre. Elles seront publiées à la suite de cette lettre, les jours prochains. Ce mois-ci, nous écrirons moins d'articles, suite à des empêchements divers. Nous essayerons cependant de ne pas laisser ce mois vide, en publiant à la place des textes de saints.

San Giovanni Rotondo, 2 January 1918

Fervent Christmas greetings. How to render the new year more fertile. "Let us fight valiantly and we will obtain the prize of strong souls." To follow the path on which God has placed us. P. S. Recommendations.


Dearest Antonietta and family,

May the heavenly Child always be in the midst of your hearts; may he sustain it, enlighten it vivify it, and transform it to eternal charity. This was the affectionate and sincere greeting which I sent to you all, including our dearest Giuseppina, from far away, on that extremely happy night  of Christmas. This was also the most cordial prayers I said for you on that blessed night before the crib of the divine Infant, repeating it a further three times during the holy sacrifice of the Mass. But I will continually say this prayer and good wish for you before Jesus in my prayers which are certainly poor, but none the less assiduous, as long as I live. Therefore, accept these prayers and good wishes as the most beautiful expression of the heart of him who loves you with paternal and fraternal tenderness in the most loving Heart of our Lord, Jesus Christ.
Accept this prayer and good wish of mine, as a very small repayment for all you have done for me. I would like to offer you still more before Jesus, but... I have nothing more. Never mind! Jesus will reward you for everything and a thousand times.
My dearest benefactors — or if you prefer it, my dearest daughters — I must not let the first month of the year go by without sending your souls greetings from mine, and assuring you always of the affection and extremely great recognition that my heart holds for yours, for whom I never cease to desire before God every sort of blessing and spiritual happiness.
But my good daughters, I strongly recommend those poor hearts of yours to you. Take care to render them more pleasing to our Master day by day, and see to it that this coming year is more fertile in good works than the one just gone by, given that at the same pace with which the years pass by and eternity approaches, we must redouble our courage and raise our spirits to God, serving him with greater diligence in everything that our vocation or Christian professions obliges of us. Only this can render us pleasing to God: It can free us from the big world that is not of God, and from all our other enemies. This alone, therefore, can bring us to the port of eternal salvation.
Let us face the present trials to which divine Providence subjects us, but let us not lose heart or become discouraged. Let us fight valiantly and we will obtain the prize of strong souls. Remember, my daughters, the words the divine Master one day said to the apostles and which he says to you today: "Let not your heart be troubled" . Yes, my daughter, let not your hearts be troubled in the hour of trial, because Jesus promised his real assistance to those who follow him.
Therefore, in the hour of battle let us remember Jesus, who is with us, who suffers with us and for us; let us remember Jesus fighting for us and with us. Let us have recourse to him and we will always obtain relief. By doing this we will always sing victory before God.
Therefore, live tranquilly, my daughters, follow the path on which the Lord bas placed you and, in a holy manner, diligently try to keep Jesus satisfied and pleased; this Jesus who suffers the abandonment of his Father for love of us, and by whom this Heavenly Father wanted you to be accompanied. So just like a bee who is carefully making the honey of holy devout practices, also make the wax of domestic affairs, because if the former brings with it a sweetness pleasing to Christ, who while he lived in the world nourished himself with butter and honey, as Scripture tells us, the latter superabounds with glory for him, because it serves to make lighted candies for the edification of one's neigbour. God who has taken you by the hand with special care, is guiding you to the port of eternal salvation: let us confide in him and have no fear.
May Jesus make your hearts more and more his.
Long live Jesus and in him I take my leave of you and bless you all along with Giuseppina.

Padre Pio, Capuchin

Be so kind as to tell Giuseppina to make allowances if I don't write to her, because at the moment, I am so busy that I have nowhere to rest my head.
I have not yet received anything from Giovina, and tell her that when she needs to write to me, she would do better to address the letters to me, so that she can receive a more speedy reply. Give her my kindest regards.
I have put Antonietta's name, only, on the heading of the letter as I don't know the names of the other members of the family

[ Letter to Antonietta Vona, p.839 - 842
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