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A letter from Padre Pio-- San Giovanni Rotondo, 21 December 1918

San Giovanni Rotondo, 21 December 1918

"Most sincere greetings and most cordial prayers. " "Have no fear and do not afflict yourself any more for the past. " Meditation and examination of conscience. "God does not reject poor sinners." Recommendations and greetings.


My dearest daughter,

May the Child Jesus fill your heart with his heavenly graces and the most exquisite charisms; may he bless you, comfort you and make you holy! With these most sincere greetings and most cordial prayers which I constantly repeat in this holy feast of the Child Jesus, I reply to your latest letter, which your sister Maria handed me this evening. May God be pleased to hear these prayers of mine which I say to him for you.

As regards your spirit, I repeat the thousand assurances I made you viva voce. Do not fear, my daughter, because Jesus is with you and is pleased with you. Think no more of your past life, except in order to admire the heavenly Father's goodness which, despite your bad correspondence to his paternal attractions, did not want to reject you, but rather, with great care, wished to overcome your hardness, and, winning you over with his grace, wanted and wants to demonstrate his power over you. Admire and never cease to admire the behaviour of this divine grace within you, and exult always and bless and thank the Lord for such exquisite goodness he has shown and continues to show you. Have no fear and do not afflict yourself any more for the past, because this has been pardoned by the Lord's goodness. And I say all this to you in the Lord, and in the fullness of my authority as your director and confessor.

Beware of doubting what I have declared because this would displease me and would displease Jesus even more. Don't worry if you are unable to meditate; make an examination of conscience and do all the other devout practices well. Do this as I suggested to you and pay no attention if it seems to you that you gain no profit. If you were to obtain no other profit in those exercises except that of having done them out of obedience, this would still be a great gain for your soul.

Do not be discouraged or frightened by your miseries and weaknesses, because God has seen even worse sins in you, and, by his mercy did not reject you. God does not reject poor sinners and he will not reject you either, but on the contrary, he will grant you his grace, and will erect the throne of his glory on your abjection and vileness. Therefore, do not fear and do not be anxious any more about the doubts of your conscience, because on the assurances of him who takes the place of God, fear is in vain and is diabolical.

Don't worry if your sisters and brother don't want to listen to you; you correct them always and don't worry about anything else.

I wish you and your sisters a happy Christmas, and recommending myself to everyone's prayers, I remain, 

Most affectionately in the Lord

Padre Pio, Capuchin

[Letter to the Campanile sisters p. 995 à 997 
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Correspondance with his spiritual daughters (1915 -1923) Editions Padre Pio of Pietrelcina, 
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