mercredi 6 novembre 2013

Miles christi : l'antidote à the flying squirrel

Miles christi : l'antidote à the flying squirrel
 article by Father Chazal


●The first thing to consider with the election of Pope Francis is that his theology does not differ from that of Benedict XVI. Both popes are friends and share the same modernist principles. But it takes more study to find this modernist virus in Benedict XVI because he bears the label of Tradition. In Pope Francis the label matches perfectly the label of the bottle. He is an open modernist, clearly intent on destroying the last traditions of the Catholic Church.
After the “Glory of the Olive”, we were expecting the announced “Petrus Romanus”, but no, the enemies of the Church still have a little time (possibly until 2017) to complete the crucifixion of the Church. Our Lady of Good Success and other messages foretold that the Church will look totally ruined.
●The second consequence is for the micro world of tradition with a pope openly intent to destroy tradition, traditional Catholics are less at risk to believe that Rome is somewhat returning to Tradition. John XXIII wanted to open the windows of the church; Pope Francis wants a Church without walls. He really wants spectacular changes and hit the ground running. Barely a month after his election there is plenty to say….
….But that does not prevent the official chronicles to be silent. Normally gives lots of “news from Rome”. was loaded with expectations, comments and descriptions of the election process…but now, almost total radio silence. I asked some faithful, “What is your local SSPX priest saying about Pope Francis”. Answer: Nothing, zero, zilch”.
●If this silence continues, it will become in evidence of blindness. The same blindness take all those who abandoned the Archbishop in the past; this refusal to see that Rome has lost the faith, because a desire to be reconciled, a desire to be regularized and officially accepted and recognised takes precedence over reality itself, over what actually takes place, so flip the page and fasten your seatbelt.
●Who is Pope Francis? First and foremost, he is a Novus Ordo Jesuit, i.e., most probably an experienced demolisher of this Catholic Church, like the Jesuits I met in India, to the exception of Fr Michael, S.S. and Fr Albuquerque, S.J. The corruption of the best is the worst. We have no proof that Cardinal Bergoglio was a mason. Yet he belongs to the Argentinean Rotary Club.
●We can check what he wrote: One book is about the dialogue between Fidel Castro, the Cuban communist and John-Paul II. Also interesting is the book co-written with a Jewish rabbi, Rabbi Skorka. Here is a simple “every man is an image of God, be he a believer or not. With that reason alone, he has a number of virtues, riches and in the case that he has “morally low qualities, as I have as well, we can share them with each other to help us overcome them together”. …And another one “I would not tell him (an atheist) that his life is condemned because I am convinced I have no right to pass a judgment on the honesty of the person”. “When I meet atheists, I don’t bring the problem of God right away”…. “The priestly role is threefold to be a teacher, a leader of the people of God and a president of the Liturgical Assembly”…..
●We can describe his actions, louder than words in his case, because the theory is to “go out of the sacristies”, “reach out to people where they are”. Cardinal Bergoglio wasn’t known as an intellectual….you can say that his actions are his words, and vice-versa. Under his watch, the seminaries even got emptier and good relations were kept with most political parties and all religions. He took part in worship at synagogues several times, but the first most shocking event was when he knelt down before a group of born again ministers to get their blessings, in one of those interfaith rallies that happen regularly in his diocese. This comes as millions of Catholics leave the church in South America to all kinds of protestant contraptions. In these conditions, sending priests in the slums to live there or says mass on the roads, is not going to increase the Catholic population. On the issue of gay marriage, the Cardinal avoided all confrontations or threats to block the law, unlike the Protestants who put up a real resistance on liberation theology. Is it difficult to say what he thinks after one month, yet... Fr Leonardo Boff (a founder of Liberation Theology) rejoiced at his election, and as Cardinal, he never endorsed openly fr Boff’s theory, opting for the centre left “communion and liberation” movement. But the political leanings of Cardinal Bergoglio are clearly on the left, his opponents are on the right.
●”You already have judged Pope Francis,” wrote Fr Laisney to me a few days ago. Well, let’s see if his actions as Pope are any better than as Cardinal. His election was hailed by CNN, BBC and the world media. Cardinals Mahoney and Kasper said they voted for him. Hans Kung and Leonardo Boff (a founder of Liberation Theology), rejoiced at his election, just like the Bnaï ‘Brith’, the Rabbis, the Italian Grand Orient who put a special page on its website. We know now that 50 votes coalesced around him at the previous conclave: he was indeed the darling of the left (while Cardinal Ratzinger got 70 votes).
●From the balcony of St Peter’s, the Pope rejected Pontifical regalia, “blessed” people without the Sign of the Cross. He went on saying strange things, like bless me, or I “don’t bless you in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, because many of you are not Catholics” (before 5,000 journalists). The Mass of Enthronement is another religion altogether. You can see it on YouTube. It started with an ecumenical prayer with the schismatic Patriarch (wearing his vestment),  women (without veil) did some readings, the world religions (Buddhists, Muslims, Jews, Hindus…..) were on the Gospel side, just below the Cardinals, very near the altar, leftist sermon, botched allegiance of only 8 Cardinals, ring of Paul VI, totally Novus Ordo vestments, no genuflexion at the consecration of the Host, communion for pro-abortion and pro gay-marriages namely Pelosi and Joe Biden and for other very likely masons….other details escape me, but then we had this major scandal on Holy Thursday. To wash the feet of Muslims is bad enough, but to wash the feet of 2 women who represented the Apostles, might hint to women deacons (as it is the case already in Germany) or women priests. Several texts and allocutions definitely point towards modernism. Francis, they say, is his own man and will carry out his designs. That is why, in its turn, the silence of the reconciliar SSPX is so bad.

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