jeudi 21 novembre 2013

L'abbé Chazal voudrait des dons pour les Philippines

L'abbé Chazal voudrait des dons pour les Philippines

L'abbé Chazal a besoin d'argent pour reconstruire la Chapelle de Dagohoy qui a été détruite lors des derniers événements aux Philippines. Il y a aussi des fidèles qui ont besoin d'aide matérielle. Il faudrait envoyer vos dons en Australie sur le compte bancaire de la personne ci-dessous à qui l'abbé Chazal a délégué le travail de collecter tous les dons. 

Nom du compte : Elizabeth Copley    BSB: 064-111   Account number: 10185161

Lettre initiale de l'abbé Chazal :

Dear Friends,

I need someone to establish a fundraiser for: 

1. Rebuilding the destroyed chapel of Dagohoy

2. Assisting our faithful who sufferd from the 7.2 earthquake, then the supertyphoon, and this with the remainder from the construction money.

This appeal should be posted on all our websites, and i will collect the funds when i shall visit all the missions in december, then close the fund. I think it is the simplest and quickest. Romeo of Dagohoy works in construction, that would enable me to put him at work immediately.
Hopefully, as far as our faithful of the resistance are concerned, our four missions of Maasin, Santa Cruz, Hindang, and Ormoc are on a protected side of the island of Leyte. I hear that the villagers of our missions in Bohol have suffered from the typhoon as well. No damage for our 20 faithful of Cebu. 

The XSPX chapel of Tacloban has probably been disintegrated, and most of the faithful there may have lost everything.