dimanche 7 avril 2013

TRUTH or Consequences Father David Hewko

TRUTH or Consequences 
Father David Hewko

Comme nous l'avons expliqué précédemment, en raison d'un gros devoir d'état qui durera quelques semaines,  nous n'avons plus le temps de traduire ou d'écrire autant d'articles. Voici donc un beau texte de fr Hewko que vous pouvez lire avec Google traduction.


   April 4, 2013 


How often that holy warrior of the Church, Abp. Lefebvre, would conclude his conferences and sermons with these words:..."We continue!"

When the new doctrines opposed to the Traditional Magisterium hijacked the Second Vatican Council, refusing the "neo Protestant and neo Modernist tendencies" both in the Council and in the reforms, the Archbishop simply carried on, refusing them all saying, "We continue." 

Pressured to close his Seminary in Econe, conform to the Council, and offer the New Mass, he categorically refused, saying, "We must continue!"

When the insulting-to-the-True-God-Assisi-Meetings were held, along with the papal visits to the Synongogues and Protestant temples, the holy Archbishop raised his vigilant shepherd' s voice in resistance, and appearing "disobedient" and "rebellious", he simply said, "We must continue." 

When the majority of Catholic bishops and clergy, along with the religious (who still kept their vows!) and faithful throughout the world, went along with the flow of the Conciliar Church, preferring "approved"reputations to the unpleasant labels of "reactionaries" and "rigid Traditionalists", Abp. Lefebvre looked to please God alone and thus stood alone repeating the words "We simply continue!"

When Rome wanted Abp. Lefebvre to sign the Protocol for an agreement in 1988, being pressured to sign, he immediately retracted his signature saying he went too far. He said to sign was a great mistake and he later added that the Good Lord protected the Society from falling for that agreement, which would have meant it's Operation Suicide. So he performed the Consecration of four bishops to continue the Faith and Mass of all time, calling it "Operation Survival". His words and actions cried out, "We continue!"

Now his sons in the Society are faced with a leadership embracing the dangerous ideas which the Archbishop himself so valiantly resisted. Religious Liberty of the Council now called "limited, very limited." "The errors of the Council are not really from the Council but the general interpretation of it" or worse yet, "95% of the Council is acceptable." Or, commenting on an ultra-Conservative New Mass at an Abbey near Florence, Italy, "If the Archbishop had seen this, he would not have had to do what he did." 

Faced with this new direction and this "new attitude towards Rome", we are forced to follow the exampe of the Archbishop and simply resist, strong in the Faith. In the face of universal compromise and "avoiding polemics" for a false peace, faithful Catholics all over the world are honored to pick up his words of fidelity, which were:"We continue!" 

In what did he continue? In what must we continue? In the fidelity to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church of all time, before the Council. In the refusal to follow the Conciliar Church built on the sands of Vatican II "poisoned through and through" with the condemned principles of the modern world, along with its reforms. In fidelity to acknowledging the lawful Vicar of Christ in his authority, but acknowledging his right to our disobedience when he demands us to accept the Council and the illegitimate New Mass.

For the first time in our 42 years of the Combat for Catholic Tradition we have heard a novelty that rings of Modernism. This time from within! For the first time the mind-set of accepting the Second Vatican Council, as long as it is seen with the colored glasses of the "light of Tradition", is expressed in the official documents and interviews of the SSPX! What has happened? "An enemy hath done this!" For the first time an official document submitted to Rome surrenders the Combat for the Faith, accepting the "legitimacy" of the New Mass and the new sacraments, such as Confirmation. For the first time the Society accepts, with no noted exceptions, the New Code of Canon Law! This Code is Vatican II in canonical form, as Pope John Paul II expressed in 1983 when he promulgated it. If the Code is accepted, as is, then the principles permeating it, must also be. Since those principles are the very ERRORS of the Council, what are we doing accepting it and "respecting" it? Who's side are the leaders of the SSPX now on? We may justly ask this until a clear revocation and refutation of the General Chapter Statement & six conditions, the Liberal Interviews and Doctrinal Preamble of April 15, 2012 are publicly announced, and under no uncertain terms. To re-earn the trust the SSPX once had, its leaders are obliged to make clear their rejection of the ambiguous, liberal and modernist statements that have been made, by our own leaders. As Abp. Lefebvre once said, the faithful have a right to know where their priests really stand; for or against the Conciliar Church? For or against the Roman Catholic Church of Tradition? Both cannot mix. The ideas of the Revolution cannot stain nor mingle with the Immaculate Bride of Christ, His Church.

"We must continue!" are the words that the priests and faithful of the Resistance want to maintain, by the grace of God. Some things, the most beautiful things, never change. So, in fidelity to the Catholic Faith; to the counter-Revolution against the principles seeking to demolish that Faith by sneaky agreements; to the Mass of all time; to the stand of Abp. Lefebvre, who merely stood on the rock-solid shoulders of the great anti-Liberal Popes, and in fidelity to the Combat for the Faith,....we must continue! Under the Mantle of She Who crushes the hellish serpent...."WE MUST CONTINUE!"