samedi 13 avril 2013

Good Shepherd, Hireling or Wolf - Whom Shall We Follow?

Good Shepherd, Hireling or Wolf - Whom Shall We Follow?

Résumé du sermon de Fr Voigt pour demain, dimanche du Bon Pasteur

Apostasy is the atmosphere prevalent now in the pseudo-Catholic Church which the leaders call "the Church of the New Advent" or "the Conciliar Church". The fact is we must realize that the doctrine of the faith has been changed and that this change is leading the sheep off a precipice that has no bottom. How do we recognize the true Catholic Church amidst all the modernized versions? Consider the leadership style. Birds of a feather do flock together. So the sheep had better study the words and actions of those in high places.

Our Lady warned us that corruption was oozing out of the highest positions of authority. Hence the test of the Good Shepherd: will they lay down their lives for the truth? Truth alone has rights; errors have no substance at all and must be rejected. In writing this I mean to say that only the truth of the Catholic Faith matters in these times. Grasp it and hold onto it for dear life.

Now let's consider the Good Shepherd vs. the Hireling vs. the Wolf:
1. Good Shepherd will die for the truth;
2. Hireling compromises and flees to the safety position when challenged and
3. The Wolf slaughters the flock with error that lead to their death.
Truth: Our Lord Jesus Christ established and wedded Himself to one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church and through that church alone can salvation be found. This means that every other faith vision is heretical and cannot offer its members salvation. If one finds the path to life through the Catholic Church then they can unite with Christ eternally but not otherwise. The Hireling compromises to attain popularity with the powers that be. Let us simply tolerate error and get along. Let us work for peace on earth and forget about doctrine.
Who cares if you are Baptist, Buddhist, Moslem, Lutheran or Catholic - it is all the same?
The Wolf attacks the Catholic Faith with the notion that it follows an ancient thought pattern and truth is relative anyway. It would be better to destroy the Catholic faith and peace will reign on earth.

Our Lady told us that peace is offered to us if we will obey the directive of the Father Who has determined that when Russia is consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary by the Pope and all those bishops and cardinals united with him on a said day in the cathedrals around the world, then Russian would be converted and peace would reign. Mary would be lifted up and exalted as she rightly should be and order would be restored to the world. Holiness would be the gift in a new Marian age.

Will the Pope and our current episcopal leadership be Good Shepherds, hirelings or wolves? They need not listen to the political pouting heard in society; instead, they should listen to the Mother of God and our Mother. Do this and we all shall live? Fail to do this and the scandal of a modernist Church continues to lead souls to hell. What a price we will have to pay because of our silence. We must jealously love and protect the fullness of our faith in all its doctrines.

Now we can apply this leadership to our very little chapels and churches in which adults ought to lay down their lives for their children's faith. Faith is our guide to eternal happiness through the doctrines taught by our Lord. Now when confession is raised the adults, the parents will seek to bring their children while they themselves avoid the grace of this sacrament like a plague. To speak to them about the necessity of example from the elders brings their wrath upon the shepherd. The Good Shepherd will not be silent for the doctrine of the forgiveness of sin is at the heart of our faith. Without the forgiveness of sin we simply become another Protestant sect.

Why is it that Confession has fallen on such hard times everywhere? We do not want to recognize the reality of the effects of original sin. We prefer to think we are sick or there is a missing gene in my DNA structure. No, confession and the examination of conscience lead us to the reality of our nothingness and God's omnipotence and love. This is an age of the denial of God and the affirmation of the man. This age will die and another will replace it in which the confession of sins will be the greatest joy to the Catholic faithful.

May this age come soon to replace the scandal of the seniors upon the children.

In the hearts of Jesus, Mary and Joseph,

Fr. Richard Voigt