dimanche 7 avril 2013

Credibility Test for the Catholic in the Pew. by Fr Voigt

Credibility Test for the Catholic in the Pew.

Tous les dimanches, Fr Voigt propose un résumé de son sermon en anglais. Dorénavant, nous publierons de temps en temps des textes en anglais que nous n'avons pas le temps de traduire mais qui peuvent faire du bien à ceux qui comprennent cette langue.
I will not believe unless I put my fingers into His wounded hands and my 
hand into His wounded side.  God bless Thomas for presenting the Catholic 
Church at large with the only credibility test that matters - wounds.  Wounded people need a wounded Savior.  In our days more than ever before we must know the shepherds by their wounds.  Are they ready to lay down their lives for the faith.
Martyr after martyr laid down their lives in horrific manners in order to protect the very details of our faith.  Now we have leaders who practice a tolerance of any error known to man.  Are they liberal?  Certainly.  Are they modern?  Sure.  Do they believe that you can be saved in any denomination? Of course. The Catholic Church is only one of the many 
vehicles of salvation for the new leaders of the Church of the New Advent or  
the Conciliar Church.  There is no need to be martyred for believing in the
honoring of saints and their images.  There is no need to belong to the  
Catholic Church at all.  
Universal salvation is yours for the taking simply because Jesus became man 
as blessed John Paul II wrote in Redemptor Hominis.  Why did those saints  
seek to convert all those "heretics" when they just had to wait for the modern Church leaders to set them straight.  Martyrdom and missionary efforts are useless expenditures of life and energy.  We have come to the days of the global church and our leaders are men of greater vision than our 
saintly forefathers.  Why they know better than St. Peter that the Jews need  
not recognize their error in crucifying the Lord of lords.
Our current Catholic wants no discomfort, no inconvenience and certainly no 
conflict with the culture.  It is those pesky "trads"  that keep rocking the boat and saying that we must pass on what what handed down to us from 
the apostles.  Even if an angel came down from heaven with some new gospel let him be anathema.  So why this credibility test?
One reason only:  we have sinned and fallen short of the image of God and sin cries out for the wounds that bled for forgiveness.  Hebrews 9:22 cries out that without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness of sin.  If there is no forgiveness then we are doomed to the dungeons of the demons. 
Only through the wounds of the unique Son of God can we turn to a priest and confess:  I have sinned but I believe that my Lord and Savior lives to cleanse and heal me.
This is the good news that the unique Bride of Christ offers us today and any day.  Christ breathed upon them and uttered those immemorial words:
"Whose sin you shall forgive are forgiven; whose sins you shall retain are retained."  Catholics believe and are healed.  Can this happen outside the 
Mystical Body of Christ?  I think not.
In the hearts of Jesus, Mary and Joseph,
Fr. Richard Voigt